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Design and Installation of Lawns; Mowing, Weeding and Edging; Over Seeding and Sod; Mulch and Topsoil; Pruning and Removal of Trees; Hardscapes – Rocks, Walkways, Retention Walls; Planting and Plant Replacement; Flower Bed and Vegetable Garden Installation and Maintenance; Hedge Trimming; Spring and Fall Clean Up

Land Management

Your property needs maintenance. Nature Tamer provides Land Clearing and Maintenance to clear shrubs, small trees and overgrowth so you can enjoy your property.

Tree Removal

Our certified arborists combine precision, safety, and efficiency to ensure a seamless process, leaving you with a clear space and peace of mind.

Sod Installation

Our team specializes in providing you with an instant carpet of green, ensuring a picture-perfect lawn in no time.


Experiencing water woes? Choose our efficient drainage services to protect and enhance your property. Contact us for a water-free solution today!

Retaining Walls

Elevate your landscape’s beauty and functionality with our durable retaining walls. Call us now to create your perfect outdoor space!


Ready to revamp your yard? Our bespoke hardscaping services will transform your outdoor area into a stunning retreat. Reach out to begin!


Dreaming of a gorgeous garden? Our expert landscaping services will turn your vision into reality. Connect with us for a breathtaking green space.

Tree Pruning

Promote tree health and aesthetics with our professional tree pruning. Ensure your trees’ longevity and beauty. Schedule your service today!

Oxford, GA Tree Services

We live and breathe the North Georgia landscape and specialize in providing comprehensive land management services tailored to your unique needs.

land management services in georgia

Sustainable Land Planning

Our expert team excels in creating innovative and environmentally conscious land-use designs that are aesthetically pleasing and built to last.

Eco-Friendly Land Solutions

Transform your surroundings with our environmentally conscious tree and landscaping solutions that enhance aesthetics while preserving the planet.

Complete Tree Services

From Tree Removal to Trimming, Pruning and Stump Grinding and Land Clearing Nature Tamer keeps your property safe and pristine year round.

Agroecological Practices

Enhance soil fertility, optimize water usage, and embrace eco-friendly farming methods that benefit your crops.